Why Chennai Express Will Be A Big FLOP


Chennai Express is releasing on EID along with OUTIMA (AKSHAY KUMAR). Chennai Express is directed by Rohit Shetty and has SRK in it.

Let us analyze why Chennai Express will not be able to collect high Box office numbers:

Story: SRK and Depika bump into each other on a train station. Couple of scenes later, they fall in love but there are some confusions (Like every Rohit Shetty film). Also there are some goons who are after them for some reason.

These kinds of story only works at single screens. So it is obvious that Chennai Express will open good at Single Screen but average at multiplexes.

1st Day Expected = 14-15 Crore

Okay, it is 95% sure that Chennai Express will receive mixed to negative reviews (like with almost all Rohit Shetty films). So expect a drop in multiplex from the second day onwards.

OUTIMA has Akshay Kumar in it, who is known as KING OF MASSES, along with Salman Khan. It is obvious that OUTIMA will also open well at both Single Screens and Multiplex because it’s for both the classes and masses. This will also affect the collections of CE.

Chennai Express 2nd day Collection = 12-13.5 core

However, Chennai Express will be Not Be able to cross 100 crore Due To Big Opponent Akshay Kumar In The Form Of Don In OUATIM.

Chennai Express Lifetime Collection = Below 100 cr.Distributors Will Loose Money and The Budget Would Be Nearly 70cr.

So It Will Be Most Probably Declared Below Average But For Many It Would Be Big Flop.

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