When Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha pulled off a Dabangg role reversal…


The two stars are known to share awesome chemistry and it was all evident in today’s episode of Indian Idol Junior

Superstar Salman Khan graced the stage of Indian Idol Junior 2 with his esteemed presence as he set the stage on fire with his awesome charisma. We all know how much Salman loves to spend time with kids. And undoubtedly the star enjoyed himself in the presence of the little ones.

But the stage of Indian Idol Junior 2 presented the opportunity for viewers to witness the reunion of Salman and Sonakshi, the famous Dabangg jodi of Bollywood. And when they came together on small screen, they made sure that everyone had a rollicking time. They re-enacted their famous scene from Dabangg, which includes Sonakshi’s best dialogue, ” Thappad se darr nahi lagta sahab, Pyaar se lagta hai”. Only this time around it was Sonakshi spouting Salman’s lines and vice versa.

This cute little banter between the Dabangg duo made for hilarious moment in the show.

Watch the video here

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