Sunny Leone Steps Ahead In Jackpot


We have seen the firangi divas facing difficulty when they make their entry in Bollywood. This is mainly because of the language. Often, filmmakers use dubbed voices in such cases because the actresses cannot speak Hindi. Sunny Leone, who is an Indo-Canadian is going to surprise us all as she will speak her own Hindi lines in the upcoming movie Jackpot.

The actress will go a step ahead as a full-fledged Hindi-Urdu tutor has been deployed for the purpose of teaching the actress. Jackpot is directed by Kaizad Gustad and this language hurdle is not a new thing for the filmmaker. He recalls the time he introduced Katrina Kaif in the film Boom. Her Hindi then was non-existent. And her dialogues had to be dubbed.

“Sunny is the only female character in Jackpot. And I hope to display her acting chops. We’re reading the script every day. She will do her own Hindi dialogues. We’re working on it every day,” said the director.

“She is really one of the hardest-working actresses I’ve worked with. Just like Katrina. When Katrina came to Mumbai she didn’t know a word of Hindi,” he added.

Sunny Leone, who made her debut in Jism 2 is now charged for her new challenge. “I have learned all my Hindi lines for all my movies here. Even though Jism 2 was dubbed I still had to learn every single word. And in Ragini MMS too I will be dubbing my own voice,” said Leone.

“It’s very important to me to learn and work hard to get it right. I am extremely competitive so when someone tells me I can’t do something like act, dance, express emotions on screen, or speak Hindi, all it makes me do is work harder to prove all those negative people wrong,” she added.


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