Salman spoke of the three questions he most dreads. Any ideas what they are?


Salman Khan is controversy’s favourite child, whether it is for his court cases or his women, the Khan war or his marriage. Sallu manages to grab headlines with almost every public or private appearance he makes. So when asked about the three questions he most hates, the superbrat superstar didn’t miss the chance to hit back at the media. Here is what he hates…

1. Shaadi kab kar rahe ho? Now we aren’t surprised that the eternal bachelor of Bollywood, who has dated some of the most prettiest ladies we know, minds answering this one. But even Salman doesn’t have an answer to it. The actor hinted at how close he would get to tying the knot and then miss it. Does this mean that he has faced the rejection of a marriage proposal to any of his ladyloves? We really doubt that – after all, it definitely would take a lot more than courage to turn down this hunky superstar. We definitely feel with all with the adulation that SK earns, it can’t be easy to be Salman’s life partner – don’t you think so, BollywoodLifers?

2. Kaisa lag raha hai? This is one question that could leave even us red-faced, but in what context does this question bring out the demon in SK? Did it make it to this list because recently Salman was asked about ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif‘s bikini pictures with her current beau Ranbir Kapoor in tow and that got him mighty miffed? We aren’t surprised that Khan hates being asked about those photos or about how he feels!

3. USP kya hai? Unique kya hai? Alag kya hai iss film mein? This certainly isn’t a question – or questions – that should make it to Sallu’s most hated list. After all, with all the movies Salman has done in the recent past, we are surprised he is not asked this one more often. While Khan explains that he wouldn’t disappoint his fans if he has given his sweat and time for these films, it is true that apart from innovative dance moves involving various body parts, there’s not much that we think is unique about his work over the past few years – remember the sameness in Wanted, Bodyguard and Ready? A little experimenting wouldn’t hurt Sallu’s superstardom, honest! Also, hasn’t the super-hero told us a zillion times over that if his audiences and producers walk out of a film happy, he doesn’t care that the story, the character and even the dialogue is the same run of the mill stuff? So then why show so much aapatti to this question!

Now that we know from the star himself that he hates these questions, we have a fresh set of fun sawaals. So the next time we meet the star, we plan to ask him about Katrina, Iulia Vantur and some others close to his heart…wonder what he will say to us then!

What would you like to ask Salman Khan? Tell us!


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