Salman Khan is the HOTTEST fitness icon in Bollywood and we have proof!


Bhai has emerged as the ultimate fitness icon over the years…

He made six packs cooler. Perhaps he solely helped ignited the gym revolution across the country. Every guy wanted muscles, big biceps and a sculpted torso, thanks to the hunk. Also, going topless became the new B-Town phenomenon thanks to his shirtless act in the 90s anthem, Oh Oh Jaane Jana from Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya.Even today Salman’s level of fitness is inspiring to an entire generation of actors across the board. When Salman works out, the world ceases to exist and he sweats it out with single-minded devotion. His life-long dedication to the gym has made him the one of fittest actors in Bollywood. Lean maybe the trend now but Salman always manages to out-muscle every trend with his Greek god appeal. Call him a stud-muffin, Adonis or homme fatale, his physicality is overpowering to say the least. Over the years, the supernova has also helped several young actors by giving them tips on workout and diet.

Helping Sooraj

Salman ensured that his Hero protégé Sooraj steered clear of any junk food or alcohol. He increased the amount of carbohydrates intake and stayed away from any kind of artificial supplements. It took around eight to nine months of rigorous workout for Sooraj to pull off a buffed up physique. At the outset, Salman Khan’s gym trainer helped Sooraj with his weight training.

Shaping Daisy

Salman also lent his trainer Rakesh to Jai Ho actress Daisy Shah. Rakesh had trained Daisy for Hate Story 3 under Salman’s watchful guidance. The Prem Ratan Dhan Payo actor ensured that Daisy’s workout went through changes to create the desired effect in her physique.

Guiding Arjun

Arjun Kapoor had said in an interview that Salman Khan spent four years training and guiding him. Arjun who had a lot of trouble losing weight when he was starting out credits his transformation to the Greek God’s direction and guidance.

Helping Hrithik

In fact, the uber-fit Hrithik Roshan was also trained under the supervision of Salman.

Inspiring Sonakshi and Zarine

Both Sonakshi Sinha and Zarine Khan were criticised for being overweight but Salman’s guidance and direction helped them lose weight.

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