Salman Khan: How he became the hottest commodity in town!

He was born Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan on 27 December 1965 to a Muslim father and a Hindu mother. The eldest of many siblings, he was always meant to lead and lead he did indeed.

Blessed with beauty, brains and talent he had a successful debut in Bollywood and went on to star in numerous films. His popularity only increased with each passing day. Having proved his acting skills from the very beginning, he only went from strength to strength.

In addition, he also helped and supported many newcomers, crediting his own time as a newcomer as the motivating factor. Several of his protégés have even gone on to become superstars such as Himesh Reshammiya, Katrina Kaif & Sonakshi Sinha.

Although at first, he was known as the brat prince of the Indian Film Industry due to his self-confidence (which some saw as arrogance) and couldn’t care less attitude with the media. This brat has now become a darling of both the masses and the press, but the road was a long and rocky one.

Just like they say, “no one is perfect” so too did this Prince suffer from the very perks of his stardom. With no privacy, his personal life became public property with several romances plagued by nasty break-ups, rumors of infidelity, confrontations, controversies, possessiveness, and even violence. He’s been there and maybe even done that (keyword being “maybe”).

His temper, fearlessness and inability to forgive easily made him an easy scapegoat and he was always in the news…usually for negatives reasons. People even used him to achieve fame as he was always the center of attention. Yet, he was always blamed, always painted as the bad guy. Maybe because it was easier to believe than on the contrary.

Therefore, just like his larger than life image, so too were his demons. From being blamed for illegal hunting, to being in jail and even battling DUI charges; there was a time when it seemed this man could do no right.

However, people forget that it is always easier to judge. How can we judge him when we ourselves are far from perfect? How dare we point a finger at him, without first having walked in his shoes? He is after all, just a human being and never made any claims otherwise.

Nevertheless and despite of all the negativity surrounding him, one thing never changed, and that is his love for family and humanity. His heart of gold were vouched for and experienced by several in the industry and outside it too.

Never did he demand anything in return except for honesty and every once in a while loyalty. For him, friendship was more valuable than money. Consequently, affecting many decisions he went on to make, some good and many bad.

Hence, like a phoenix rising from the ashes he emerged stronger and wiser. Having learnt from past errors and paying attention to good advice from well-wishers, he was now well versed to the ways of this world: specifically, the influence of the press and the power of money. Not for selfish personal gain but for the benefit of his charity – The Being Human Foundation.

With a whole new attitude and lady luck on his side, he came back with a bang! And boy was the explosion heard around the world 😉

He took full advantage of his dashing good looks, wicked sense of humor, undeniable talent, sharp mind, creativity, artistic vision and fun loving nature. Pretty soon the world was at his feet!!!

His time had finally come and there’s no stopping him now! It had definitely been worth the wait, as he is now considered the most bankable star.

His movies are declared a success even before their release. His style is imitated, his habits followed, his dialogues reiterated and his moves copied. His fans range anywhere from kids to senior citizens and would do the most absurd things just to get a glimpse of him.

As for all his faithful followers who used to constantly defend him, this was a long time coming!!! We’re just glad he’s finally getting the recognition we knew he always deserved! Not to mention, it’s a sweet moment to see haters converted!! 😀

Furthermore, it’s funny to see those who once dissed him because it wasn’t cool to support him, now suddenly proclaiming to be his biggest fans!! Humans can be so fickle minded when need be!

So this is the journey of how Salman (aka Sallu) became the hottest commodity in town and no matter how long this lasts or whatever happens in the future, he has already left a huge impression on the world.

There will never be one like him again…though many will try in vain!! 😛

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