Salman Khan is done with films with a social message


After the failure of his latest social venture, Jai Ho, Salman Khan has made a decision to cease doing films with a social message.

He has now decided only to do entertainment based films. A close friend of Salman’s has been heard saying, ‘He (Salman) now jokes that if he wants to get a message across he would send a bulk text-message rather than a make a film. Or just tweet his message.’

‘He is done with preachy films. When he did Jai Ho Salman thought he was doing something that would revolutionize Indian cinema. You see Salman has the justified arrogance of a national hero. He thinks if he tells his fans to do something they would listen. The realization that he isn’t acceptable to his fans as crusader has left Salman very sobered down,’ the friend says.Salman’s upcoming film Kick by Sajid Nadiadwala is exactly the type of film he wants to continue in the future with. Sajid assures this by saying, ‘Salman and I have only one agenda. The audience should have a good time watching the film.

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