Salman didn’t strip in Kick. Has Aamir gone two steps ahead in PK?


Ever since the first look poster of actor Aamir Khan‘s forthcoming film PK was launched everyone’s got in a tizzy. Aamir’s nude poster with just a radio covering his modesty has created a huge stir in the industry, media and social media platforms.

An advocate in Kanpur even slapped an obscenity charge on the actor’s film. Even some sections of the media have gone bonkers and is sparing no opportunity to get a reaction from other Bollywood personalities about it. Shah Rukh Khan at an event last week was asked to comment on it but he ducked the question. This week Juhi Chawla who was hosting an event Juhi Chawla In Conversation with the Mystic Sadhguru was also asked for her views.

Actor Sachin Joshi, who was yesterday announced as brand ambassador for PETA (People For Ethical Treatment of Animals) at an event was also asked to share his views on Aamir’s poster for PK In fact a journalist asked him in Hindi, “Aisi kya vajeh ho sakti hai ki Aamir Khan ko bhi nanga hona padha.” He smiled and requested the media, “To look at it as art and not nangapann.”  Aamir’s former co-star Juhi Chawla on Monday said, “I hope the film is not like the poster.”

Yesterday night Aamir was present at the premiere of Marathi gangster film Saturday Sunday on the invitation of his friend actor Markrand Deshpande. Obviously Aamir was bombarded with queries about the film’s poster. Aamir patiently explained, “You will understand the significance of the poster after the film is released. At this point I cannot explain it to you.”

He added, “What you see in the film is an image from the film. The poster is related to the film.”

Aamir later joked and said, “Har film mein Salman kapde utarta hai. Is baar maine Salman ka kaam kiya hai. Dekhte hain aagyey Salman kya karta hai.” Incidentally, Salman’s latest release Kick which is already a Rs.200 crore grosser is one rare film where Salman has not taken off his shirt.

The film’s makers are now gearing up o release the second poster of the Rajkumar Hirani directed film. Reportedly, the second poster is equally quirky and it will be something not seen by the audience before.

Let’s wait and watch if Aamir manages to shock us a second time again with another poster of the same film.

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