PK on Bigg Boss 8: Salman to don Aamir’s transistor?

Just a few days back, Aamir Khan had chuckled at the teaser launch of PK, saying that his transistor would look good on Salman Khan. Now, speculations are rife that Salman will be donning the transistor in order to promote PK on his show, Bigg Boss 8.

While none of this is on the record yet, one might safely assume that dear friend Salman will be doing what he had done before the release of Aamir’s Dhoom 3 – he’ll bring PK, too, on his show. The last time, Sallu had used Aamir’s famous bowler hat from Dhoom 3 as an accessory while hosting an episode of Bigg Boss 7. Aamir, on his part, returned his friend’s gesture by beginning a countdown on Twitter before Salman’s Jai Ho hit the theatres.

These two Khans of Bollywood have mostly shared a healthy business relation, too, by promoting each other’s films as and when they have been able to. This time around, Salman even had talks of Happy New Year on his show, which, as the entire Bollywood fandom knows well, has not-so-good-friend Shah Rukh Khan in the lead.

Going by the Kick star’s ways, Aamir’s PK doesn’t seem to be left behind as far as being promoted on live television is concerned. And most fans of Salman would like to believe that the actor would go a step ahead this time around – he will use the transistor, a la, Aamir in the PK poster, in order to promote the film. Well, guess we’ll just have to wait a few more days to find out if that takes place!

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