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Let’s start with the controversy. In the days that have just gone past, a complaint against the movie was registered. The complaint – that ‘Fanny’ is slang for something not all too pleasing to the ears, and how today’s young lot could get affected by this word. That said, the word Fanny can also be linked to actor Dimple Kapadia’s prosthetic behind – for all hilarious purposes – in the movie. But taking this to be the only meaning of the word would be something like calling M.F. Hussain a painter of horses. Only. It simply isn’t fair.

Meanwhile the film Finding Fanny is incredible. Every character in the movie is searching for something, which they eventually find. And some don’t even realise it. This isn’t your regular masala Hindi film. The heroine kisses the hero, the parents add a twist of their own. All the characters eventually meet at the same place they started. This is why people expecting a typical Bollywood entertainment film might be disappointed.

Those who like to ride the wave of new, more subtle cinema will love Finding Fanny. There are other reasons, too, to watch the film. Like the presence of two Bollywood heavyweights Naseeruddin Shah and Pankaj Kapur.

The film’s story, on the other hand, reveals itself bit by bit, layer by layer, much like an onion.

There are two widows – the mother-in-law Rosaline (Dimple Kapadia) and the daughter-in-law Angie (Deepika Padukone). Angie marries Rosaline’s son Gabo (Ranveer Singh). But a mere 15 minutes after wedding, Gabo visits God. Angie manages to survive this hell and finds peace. Soon Angie’s childhood friend Savio (Arjun Kapoor) returns to this small Goanese village.

Now, Savio always loved Angie but Gabo claimed her hand in marriage first. And how the fates have turned: Angie’s single, so is Savo and the only thing between the two is their old friendship. And protecting Angie’s (here comes the word) virginity is her mother-in-law Rosaline.

The plot starts to take shape after the intorduction the old village postman Freddie (Naseeruddin Shah) who wrote a letter to his lady love Fanny 46 years back. Only the letter was never delivered. It was almost as if Freddie’s love never reached Fanny. And, so, he decides to look for Fanny. And who else should join him on this journey but Angie, her mother-in-law and Savio.

The other gentleman in the plot is of a more notorious nature – painter, Don Pedro (Pnakaj Kapur). He only has eyes for Rosaline. The stage is set. The five characters, thus introduced, find themselves holed up up in one car together, off to find Fanny.

With this movie, Homi Adajani has proved that he still remembers the Being Cryus kind of cinema, even after making Cocktail.

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