Mad In India: Is Chutki different from Gutthi?


We’ve seen the comedian entertain the audience with his one liners and witty comebacks on the popular show produced by Kapil Sharma. As Gutthi, Sunil managed to make the audience roll on the floor laughing – Salman Khan has actually done it.

We certainly don’t doubt the man or his capabilities as a comedian. Having said that, since the actor is coming with a new show, Mad in India (MID) on the rival channel Star Plus, expectations are much higher.

At the launch of MID today, the actor made his first appearance as Chutki. On the exterior, the character dressed up in an attire very similar to Guthhi – salwar kameez with sports shoes and two plaits. In CNWK, Gutthi was known to get too close for comfort with other male actors or celebrity guests as part of her act. The first look we had of Chutki during the launch suggests the same thing.

So how is Chutki, really that different from Gutthi? Well, Chutki is more shy than natural. And in order to lend credibility to Chutki, Sunil will not be playing any other character on this show unlike CNWK.

Guess, we will have to wait and watch a few more episodes to figure out what truly makes Chutki different from Gutthi.


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