Kangna Ranaut: I am one of those rare super-women who will give a tough fight to our heroes!


Kangna Ranaut’s journey in the world of glamour is a classic example of what the magic of an indomitable spirit and irreverence can do. The 26-year-old carries herself with the attitude befitting a glamour diva who has made it on her own. By portraying intense and interesting characters in movies like Gangster, Woh Lamhe and Fashion, Kangy carved a niche for herself in Bollywood. And just when we thought that she was getting typecast by playing a certain kind of character, Kangy offered a breath of fresh air and surprised us by playing a hatke role in Anand Rai’s Tanu Weds Manu. And now the curly-haired girl from the hills is switching gears. For someone who has always followed her heart and achieved success on her own terms while facing controversy on the personal and professional fronts, Kangna has gained strength and style to push the envelope in directions she wants to explore. And here she is playing a super-woman in Rakesh Roshan’s soon-to-be-released sci-fi flick Krrish 3, right alongside Hrithik Roshan. We caught up with KR recently to find out just how excited she is about her role in the movie…..

You are playing a mutant in Krrish 3. How natural is it for Kangna to play a super-woman?

Oh, it was tough for me, especially physically. Since I am playing this super-girl in the movie, we had special action experts who flew down from China to teach us the stunts. What I am doing in this film can’t be achieved by training alone in just a couple of months. Right from the beginning, when I was 16-17, I would do a full split and somersault. So that kind of prepared for me for this movie. You must have seen me doing all these stunts in Anurag Basu’s Kites too. So yes, all those things helped.

Are you set to give a tough fight to our super-men?

In the West many girls have done such roles, the likes of Catwoman. But I think I am one of those rare super-women who will give a tough fight to our heroes. I always wanted to portray a super-woman character. It’s a dream role indeed. I think people will love my character.

You look wicked in the promos…

I am not as evil as you see in the promos. My character has shades of grey. I am not as bad and as mean in this movie as I am in my next release, Revolver Rani. In Krrish 3 I am fierce mutant who is driven by animal instincts, but the character also has a soft side to her. In fact, Vivek Oberoi is very wicked in the film.

Are you happy that your character borders on the negative?

Yes, I think grey characters tend to stick in the audiences’ mind for a very long time.

We hear the role was first offered to Deepika Padukone and Chitrangda Singh…

No. In fact, I was offered this role first ,but my dates were clashing, as I was shooting for Ishqiya. Then it went to Chitrangda, Katrina and Deepika. But then eventually I bagged it. I believe getting a role is like marrying the right person. Jo jo jabhi hona hain, jiske saath hona hain, hoke rahega.

This is the extension of the first two stories we saw in this superhero sci-fi franchise. It must be easy for Hrithik to play the superhero once again. Were you as comfortable and confident as Hrithik, given the fact that this is your first sci-fi fiction drama?

Oh yes. In fact I was super comfortable, since I did not have to be in sync with the previous two stories.

Is Kangna Ranaut happy with her position in Bollywood today?

Every actor’s position keeps changing every Friday. What I considered to be my successful roles – like the ones I played in Gangster, Fashion and Woh Lamhe – were made out to be my failures too, because many people thought that I could do only a certain type of movie. I had to break that image, which is why I did Tanu Weds Manu. And in my upcoming movies I will try not to repeat anything I have done in the past. The acceptance I have got from the audience for every movie I have done, in every genre, makes me happy.

There were reports that you had creative differences with Rakesh Roshan over your role in Kites. And yet you are working with him again..

That’s not true. I never interacted with Rakesh Roshan while shooting for Kites. I had problems with Anurag Basu, because my character was not portrayed the way it was narrated to me. Rakeshji has delivered on the promises he made to me for Krissh 3. He’s a man of his word. Our cinema is incomplete without Rakeshjis’s film, not just because he gave us blockbuster movies like Karan Arjun or Khoon Bhari Maang, but because of the fact that had he not done Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish, it would have been a shame for our cinema that we did not have a single sci-fi film to be proud of and call our own.

You donned the hat of a director recently. What was the experience like? Would you like to direct more movies?

I would like to direct more movies here in India too, but it is too early to divulge more information on that.

Does the director in you help to grow the actor in you and vice versa?

A director has a lot more control over all the departments for making a movie. The director gets everything in sync and acting is one of the departments to take care of. So direction is a far more difficult job than acting.

Which superhero movie did you like most?


In the end, what matters the most to Kangna – critical acclaim or commercial success?

Critics will give their opinions, but in the end it’s box office success alone that can sustain the business of movie making. Having said that, I would like to add that I will never repeat myself just for the sake of commercial success. So when The Dirty Picture was offered to me – which was the story of a superstar’s massive collapse and how she goes through a nervous breakdown – I thought that I had done something in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion or even in Woh Lamhe, so I refused that movie. Raanjhanaa was also offered to me and again I said no to Ananad Raiji, because I found a lot of similarities between my character in his earlier film Tanu Weds Manu and the female lead of Raanjhanna (which eventually went to Sonam Kapoor). So yes, one needs to have a healthy balance.

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