Hollywood just happened: Thai actor Vithaya Pansringarm


Despite lures from Hollywood, Thai actor Vithaya Pansringarm is keen on working in Asia, closer to his home and people.

Pansringarm is participating in the International Film Festival of India where his film ‘Only God Forgives’ is being screened. “People ask me why Hollywood? Hollywood just happened. I am very keen to work in Asia itself nearby to my home people,” said the Thai star who has acted in Hollywood films like ‘Hangover II.’

Speaking about ‘Only God Forgives’, Pansringarm said that the film was received well all over the world.

“I feel as if I have taken a rebirth. The first 50 years of my life I was a successful businessman with a beautiful family. Acting suddenly happened to me at the age of 50. Many people who reach this age take care of their grandchildren etc., but for me, I just got another job which I love,” he explained.

The Thai actor also said that he was doing another film called ‘The Last Executioner’ in his homeland. “It’s based on a memoir written by Chavoret Jaruboon, a man who executed 55 prisoners,” he said.

Commenting on himself as a Thai actor travelling overseas, Pansringarm said: “I think as a Thai actor sharing the screen space with Ryan Gosling and many renowned names was lovely.” Thailand, he said, over the past decades was a good spot for Indians to produce their movies.

“Also, many Bollywood movies play with sub-titles and DVD’s are also available (in Thailand),” he said. Soros Sukhu, producer of ‘Tang Wong’, another Thai film also playing at the film festival said that the movie was youthful and was supported by the Thai ministry of culture.

“My film Tang-Wong is a youthful film. The film is supported by the Thai Ministry of Culture. The director was not sure if our Thai culture still exists anymore because of the current generation who are fast paced,” she said, adding that after some anxious days about how the audience would receive the film.

“We thought the film is very, “Thai” so we were apprehensive that the audiences would not like the film. But audiences at the Berlin film festival really appreciated our efforts,” she said.

Sukhu also said that this was her first time in India and appreciated the warmth of the people here.

Source: TOI

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