From Monika Singh to Roopal Tyagi – take a look at Bigg Boss 9 contestant Ankit Gera’s love affairs!

Ankit will be sharing the same roof with his ex-Roopal Tyagi on the show

Ankit Gera is one of the Casanovas of the small screen. The guy who says that he loves ‘simple and genuine’ girls has had a pretty eventful love life so far. From dating Monika Singh who played his onscreen mother in Pratigya to two timing on Adaa Khan with Roopal Tyagi. Here is a lowdown on his affairs:


In 2010, Ankit began dating Monika Singh, who played his onscreen mother on the show, Maan Ki Awaaz Pratigya. Everyone in the industry knew about their affair and apparently they were set to tie the knot. However, Ankit called off the affair apparently on the behest of his father, who did not like the idea of Monika being his bahu. The actress who comes from a small town was already reportedly married to someone since four years. However, she claimed that she was only engaged to the guy and had called off the affair a long time ago. She stated that Ankit was aware of her past and never spoke of that being an impediment to their relationship. She also spoke out against rumours of her luring Ankit into an affair as told by some.  Apparently, after their ended one day when Monika had to slap Ankit for a scene she slapped him so hard that it left his cheek swollen. Then, he stormed off the sets and the producers had to request Monika to apologise to him.


Like Monika Singh, Adaa Khan too was older to Ankit. According to some, he has an inclination for older women. They fell in love when he was working in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (SSLK) on Zee and she was in Amrit Manthan. They were together for almost a year and were planning to get hitched as well. However, she broke off when she came to know about his affair with Roopal Tyagi who played his wife on SSLK. As per reports, Ankit had started asking Adaa for space and he was spotted at Roopal’s birthday party. There was buzz that actresses Dimple Jhangiani and Pratyusha Banerjee leaked out Ankit’s proximity to Roopal to Adaa while others say it was Roopal’s former flame Akhalaque Khan who also alerted Adaa. The actress was left heartbroken as she had fought with her late mother for her relationship with Ankit.


Ankit and Roopal were co-stars on SSLK, where they played Mayank and Gunjan. The jodi was loved by viewers and they won popular awards as well. There was a lot of buzz when the two shot a smooching scene for the show in 2012. Over the months, they got too close to each other. Ankit apparently proposed to Roopal saying that he had broken up with Adaa Khan. They went on a trip to Goa. Later, she saw Adaa at his birthday party where he told her that Adaa wanted him back in her life. Post that, the ladies realised that he was two-timing them and stopped talking to him. Then he begged Roopal to revive their relationship saying  that he would not abandon Adaa as her mother had died recently. The guy apparently started two-timing again when the ladies snapped ties with him for good.

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