Box Office: You won’t BELIEVE how much Sonu Sood and Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Yoga has collected already!

It might be a box office dud here in India but in China, it’s gatecrashed records…

Sonu Sood and Jackie Chan’s new film Kung Fu Yoga might be a damp squib for Indian audiences as the film failed to make any mark at the domestic box office. But the film has already garnered a thunderous response overseas.

Yes, given that the film is an Indo-Chinese project with the biggest Chinese star Jackie Chan in the lead, the film was expected to open big at the China box office. Also, the numbers they have managed to put up are staggering figures – ones which is beyond anyone’s expectation.

The film has collected around 943 million yuan (Chinese currency) in China. That is equivalent to around 923 crore Indian rupees. And that’s HUGE! So despite the bad response in India, the film has shattered many records in China. Among all the releases in China, it has taken the 13th spot already, with a few more weeks run at the plexes.

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