Bigg Boss hosts Salman and Sanjay are claustrophobic!

Salman Khan with Sanjay Dutt who are the hosts of Bigg Boss 5

Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt, who have been behind bars, shudder at even the possibility of participating in a show that would lock them up.

Many celebrities may have been keen to be part of a reality show hosted by Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt. But the star hosts themselves wouldn’t want to be locked in the house, no matter how much money is offered to them. Says Sanjay about staying in a place with 24/7 camera surveillance, “The contestants are getting paid. But even if any one pays me R 50-100 crore, I won’t be part of it. Aur main toh bina paise ke andar gaya tha (And I landed inside without any monetary transaction).”

In the same vein, Salman pointed out, “Hum dono toh aise hi andar gaye hain. So the question of us going in the house for any money doesn’t arise.”

Jokes apart
Even though the friendly hosts of the reality show are joking about getting inside a locked house, with cameras following you night and day, one can imagine their predicament. More so because both of them have spent considerable time behind bars — Sanjay for illegal possession of arms in connection with 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts case and Salman for the black buck hunting case near Bhawad in Rajasthan in 1998.

“I pray to God that the case gets over soon and I am set free,” Dutt has been often heard saying Khan’s cases are also on in the courts of Rajasthan.

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Source: Boss hosts Salman and Sanjay are claustrophobic!

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