Anil & Arjun: The Real Double Role?

Followers of Indian cinema through the years, particularly during the last two decades of the 20th century, will no doubt remember how at various points, there’s been nothing more quintessentially Bollywood than the ‘double role’.

Whether it be identical twins who were separated at birth but continue to feel the same things, good or bad, love or hurt (Judwaa); or identical twins who are separated at birth and evolve different personalities (Seeta Aur Geeta); or identical non-twins, one of whom is a lovable loser and the other is a New Zealand-based supercar driving, Greek God dance machine (Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai), we’ve had just about every possible — though not probable — combination. And then there are the likes of Dasavathaaram where Kamal Haasan plays ten roles.

One actor who made a name for himself during the heydey of the ‘double role era’ and has long transcended it is Anil Kapoor. There’s something unshakably real about Anil Kapoor’s earthiness which along with his time-proof looks makes him unique in the film industry.

Unique, that is, up till now!

Anil’s nephew Arjun has already proved himself on the biggest stage, i.e. films based on Chetan Bhagat novels. He too has that same rugged look and appeal of his uncle, and also, if their latest social media antics are to be believed — the same ridiculous sense of humour.

In the film Mubarakan, it looks like Arjun Kapoor is bringing back all that his uncle was known for. He’s playing a double role (his second, equalling Anil Kapoor’s tally, as far as we know), as twin brothers Karan and Charan (rhyming names — check). Furthermore, Anil Kapoor is in it too. Talk about an overload!
Here’s the trailer for Mubarakan, which also stars Illeana D’Cruz and Athiya Shetty.


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