Amitabh Bachchan finds his first crorepati!


It’s Maha Crorepati this year, and Big B has found his first crorepati!

Taj Mohammed Rangrez, a history teacher from Udaipur, created history by becoming the first person to win a whopping Rs.1 crore on TV reality game show Kaun Banega Crorepati 7, 2013.All came to a standstill when the show’s host, megastar Amitabh Bachchan, tossed the Rs.1 crore question to hot seat contestant Rangrez. But he answered it correctly to become the first contestant to win the desired title of a ‘crorepati‘ on the seventh edition of the show, which went on air Friday. Rangrez is ecstatic, ”It is a moment to rejoice and celebrate and extremely difficult to believe that ‘I am a crorepati’. It is splendid indeed to know that I am also the first contestant this season to have won Rs. 1 crore. I was confident of the game and did not want to exhaust my lifelines at the start of the game itself”. The Fatehgarh School teacher, whose seven-year-old daughter is partially blind wants to use the money for her treatment as well for his family’s welfare. The first 1-crore winner of this season said, “Now that I have won, my priority remains in treating my daughter who is partially blind. Also, I wish to buy a house, educate three underprivileged girls and get two orphan girls married”. Rangrez has been a teacher since 10 years. He answered every question with confidence until the ninth question, where he first used a lifeline. Upon his victory, he was joined on stage by his elder sister. The episode featuring the first crorepati winner of the season will air Sep 15.

Now that we have our first crorepati, we’re eager to meet the first maha crorepati soon!


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