Akshay Kumar: Sonakshi Sinha is the perfect heroine


Akshay Kumar had roped in Sonakshi Sinha for ROWDY RATHORE when she had just started off her career after DABANGG. If she was ‘rewarded’ soon enough with a song-n-dance number ‘Govinda’ in OMG! OH MY GOD, there is a leading role with a lot of meat in her characterisation with ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI DOBAARA, which is all set to arrive.

While he is the ‘villain’ of the piece and she is the ‘heroine’, it is apparent that Akshay’s pairing with Sonakshi is as unconventional as it gets with talks of ‘pyaar mein jeena marna’ involved. One wonders how have been the dramatic confrontations between the two of them in the film.

“As for our collaboration in this film, sparks definitely flew as well as bullets,” smiles Akshay, “Sonakshi in this case is the perfect heroine that two men of such different statures could quite easily and unconditionally fall in love with.”

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He continues, “From the beginning I knew that we needed a woman that could make heads of both men turn. What Sonakshi has achieved in this film is fantastic for her as an actress. She is not a little girl anymore; she is a ‘heroine’ of this industry who is respected for every shot that she gives.”

With such special words of encouragement coming from Akshay, who has given an opportunity to many a leading lady in his career spanning over two decades, guess it would only make Sonakshi strive for further perfection in years to come.

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