Salman Khan: The ‘Dabangg ”Big Bang’ Effect!’ ‎

Salman Khan, the hot hunk of B Town, has sure shot back into his position of being on the A list of stars, with his rocking performance in Dabangg’.

The flick, which has some very interesting plot twisting scenes, has made a distinct mark in the Bollywood scenario, where the rustic backgrounds of rural areas were almost put into the back shelves of the filmmaker’s minds.

What came out very majestically well about the flick, apart from Salman Khan’s amazing acting prowess, was perhaps the basic backdrop of the flick, which signifies that certain mindsets of people, like only films with posh locations from great holiday spots, foreign locations with ice laden meadows and foreign babes, gyrating to hip hop melodies work.

But, most amazingly, it has been just the opposite trend in ‘Dabangg’ that has clicked the right chords.

The rural settings, very down to Earth scenarios, and the traditional costumes of the characters, complete with dialogues which were far from pretentious, and were very real, that have all been probable factors in making this flick such a huge success at the box office!

Thus, Salman Khan has proved it that whatever he does, he does with style, this time it was the negative character, and he did that too in style! This sure is the ‘Dabangg’, the Big Bang effect at the box office!!!(ENSNN)

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